Best Rated Cougar Dating Sites

What Younger Guys Gain From Dating A Cougar

What is so revolutionary about a younger man dating an older woman?

Once you try it, you'll see why. Conventional attitudes towards dating want to see a young guy pair off with a woman his own age, or even several girls in an attempt to keep things casual. Non-commitment dating suits a guy in his 20s, but rarely works for women the same age and so a whole bunch of drama develops, with her often looking for a maturity and stability that he isn't ready to give, and him just seeking some fun with a girl who doesn't need him to be the center of her world.

Society applauds older men who date younger girls, and teach them how to become women, how to be confident and who introduce them to sexual arts. Every young man deserves that same experience, with a confident mature woman so here we bring you reviews of the best dating sites that we have PERSONALLY tried and enjoyed, to help you find a fulfilling and rewarding relationship like no other!

Confidence is a huge turn-on for any man, and dating a cougar means dating a woman who doesn't need you to validate her. Her worth comes from within, and this self love means she has more love to give to you, unlike many self-absorbed younger girls for whom dating is always all about them, their needs and their desires, with the man playing the role of accessory to her. aims to bring you the truth about this scene and why it has advantages for any couple that chooses to give it a try!

-Helena(42) and Nick(23) are a happy "cougar and cub" couple who want to share the cougar revolution with other guys, and women, who can seriously benefit from trying it for themselves!


This is the Cougar Dating site where Helena and Nick met and hit it off! The vibe of this site is fun, exciting and youthful, attracting mature women who aren’t ready to compromise on life, and younger guys who value confident, sexually-charged women. is the best site out there and with good reason, it attracts women who don’t see themselves as old, or past it, and want men who will fulfill them in a way that older guys can’t. It’s definitely a very sexual site, with a lot of flirting and naughty chat, and it’s members share a desire for fast and exciting meetups. Helena and Nick hit it off straight away and though neither of them was looking for anything beyond a little fun, they fell into...


This site where was Helena first ventured into the scene and met several lovely young men, and learned what it meant to be a cougar. This site has a classy feel to it, and is great for those who want a little romance as well as all the sexy benefits of older women dating. If you are seeking an LTR you’ll be more likely to find it here with many members ready and willing to commit to regular dates. This site attracts some of the shyer young men who may need a strong woman to help them truly experience the pleasures of mature dating and as such has an understated and discreet feel, yet is still a busy and enjoyable site to use. If you like the thrill of...


Nick’s favorite hangout as a new “cub”, while this is not a dedicated cougar dating site, Nick found there are many members looking for exactly that and he had no trouble enjoying many weekend dates in the company of horny, mature women who were more than happy to educate him in the joys and benefits of dating a cougar! The emphasis here is on meeting and enjoying in-person chemistry and so the site has a very flirty and deeply sexual undertone, meaning that so long as you are honest about what you want, you’ll find no end of matches who are happy to provide it. Nick says it’s easy to find sexy, good-looking mature women here that want to date younger guys and he feels that this is down...